Congratulations to all connections of ‘Moorestown Dessie’ winner of the Toyota Stakes at Clonmel. Mr Joseph O’Flaherty emphasis the great benefits of feeding rapeseed oil to saplings.

Testiomnial 6

Thanks to Biogreen for introducing us to Pure R Gold. All our sales stock looked fantastic at the recent sales in Newmarket. We even achieved a golden price for lot no. 1162 of over 700,000 guineas!


It’s mighty stuff, I gave it to a 3 year old two weeks ago and he has turned inside out. He is in unreal form, tail up and full of energy.


I gave it to a three year old  two weeks before sale and he turned inside out, the shine that came out was unreal!


My 18.1hh hunter is on it and not only is his coat good, but it has made him bolder in a good way. It’s hard to explain but he has more mental energy than physical.


The proof of the oil came when we gave it to a breeding bitch here, in ten days she has turned inside out, eating better than ever. Her coat is good and her tail is up.


We gave it to our black lab and in 10 days all his brown hair was gone and he had a shine on him that you could shave yourself on.